Social Media Imitates Art


A roll of 35mm movie film

What’s your favorite movie?

I love Remember the Titans. It has the perfect blend of inspiration, humor and entertainment. Your favorite movie probably makes you laugh, think, act, or all of the above. Everyone has a favorite movie, and while our movies are different, we like them for the same reasons.

If you’re the manager of a social media network, think of it as a movie. Are you making your followers laugh? Are you making them think? Are you causing them to act? If not, it’s time to readjust your efforts. The smallest changes can make a big difference. You may need to change your content. You may need to change the times you post. Or, maybe you just need to add attention-grabbing images to your post.

I don’t want to pressure you, but you’re the director/producer/writer of the movie. OK, I do want to pressure you a little, because pressure is a good thing. With so many movies out, how will you get people to like yours? The reason someone likes your social media network is no different than them liking their favorite movie. Be funny, inspiring, entertaining and honest.

My Worst Experience!

Scene Clapper

Back to the topic of customer complaints on social media. In To Delete or Not Delete we discussed the positive impact responding can have on a company.

Now, I want to see how you will respond. I will play the role of the customer posting on your company’s Facebook wall,  and I want you to comment your response in the comment section.

“I go to your store all the time, and I’ve never had such a bad experience as today. The cashier Laura, refused to give me 40% off of my purchase because my coupon was expired by one day. I loved the outfit so much that I decided to buy it. After going home to show off the outfit to my husband, I found a huge ink stain on it. I took it back to your store and guess who refused to return it? Laura said that she couldn’t return items that had been worn and damaged. I will never go to this store again, and I highly recommend for others not to.”

If you’re like me, you probably want to respond with some asterisks and other characters. We’re professionals, so you have to keep it censored. So, tell me your respond in the comments below. 1, 2, 3, Go!

How to Job-Proof Your Social Network


“I would like to extend you a job offer.”

These are the words that everyone wants to hear, but your social media page could stand between you and your job offer. The misconception is that a great resume and cover letter are the key to getting a job. Wrong! Maybe 10 years ago. Today, social media plays a huge part in the application and screening process.

Let’s just pretend that both of these pictures are not me. You’re a hiring manager who has it narrowed down to two candidates, which one would you choose?


Candidate 1: Grenade Drinking Gina


Candidate 2: Newspaper Reading Nancy

Candidate two has my vote. Here are small actions you can take to job-proof your social network.

1. Delete incriminating photos of yourself.

So, what’s incriminating? The pictures that show you’re guilty of nonprofessional behavior. If you are doing any of the following, please delete: drunk, throwing up gang signs, smoking illegal substances, and under arrest. Also, change your settings to where you have to approve photos that you’re tagged in. This will avoid your friends posting pictures of you in your unpleasant moments.

2. Make your profile private.

You can always make your profile private to the public. People who aren’t your friends will have limited access to view your page. My personal profile is unsearchable. You can only see my entire profile or request to be my friend if we have a mutual friend.  I once had an employer get access to my page through a Facebook friend who worked for the company. It’s a very small world.

3. Tell employers where to go.

Include a link in your resume or email that tells employers where to go. This allows you to control what profile the hiring manager views. I always include a link to my LinkedIn profile when applying for a position.  LinkedIn is a professional network, so there shouldn’t be any casual photos on there.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Do you job-proof your social media network? Let me know in the comments!

To Delete or Not to Delete: How to Handle Customer Complaints on Social Media

Customer Complaints on Social Media

So, you’ve landed your first big social media client. It’s your first day managing their social network pages, and you begin posting. You’re excited at the number of shares and likes you receive. After taking a break from monitoring the page, you decide to log-in. You’re greeted with 5 notifications.  It’s a very unhappy customer complaining about your client’s services and products. To add oil to the fire, her supporters appear voicing their negative opinions. What’s a girl(or guy) to do?

Often, we are so consumed with social media content that we forget the other roles of a social media manager. A mediator and customer service representative are two of the many roles. When faced with whether to delete or keep a negative post, I keep it. It is completely up to you and your client, but here’s how I see it.

We live in a world where the bad receives more attention than the good, and your audience is waiting to see how you handle it. When someone posts a negative comment on social media, it is not a problem. It’s an opportunity. Will you be defensive? Will you be rude? Will you ignore the comment? Will you display concern? How you respond to the comment is way more important than the comment itself. Customer complaints should be handled the same way online as offline.

We’ll touch more on this subject later this week!

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

How to Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram has become one of my favorite social media networks. I love pictures so that has a lot to do with it. Instagram is a great tool for businesses who sell tangible products. If you are in the food, photography or retail business you should give it a try. In the past two days my friends have approached me asking how they can get more followers. Here are three small steps you can take for more followers.

  • Connect to Facebook: Most of us have more Facebook friends than Instagram followers. If you connect Instagram to Facebook your friends will see that you’re active and they will also see your Instagram user name.
  • Use Hashtags: A hashtag is the symbol # followed by a word or phrase. I’m sometimes annoyed by the serial hashtag users, but it is very effective when looking for followers who have a particular interest. The explore tab allows you to search by user name or hashtag. For example, if I’m interested in jewelry, the explore tab will display all the pictures with a #jewelry.
  • Engage: Instagram is similar to Facebook in many ways. Currently, my favorite community on Instagram is fitness. They are large in number, informative and very supportive. You gain a larger following by helping others.  If you’re following someone pay attention to the comments others post on their pics. If there is a question you know the answer to, don’t be afraid to answer.

Instagram is so much more than posting pictures, and if you use it to its full capacity then you will reap the benefits!

Facebook Got Your Tongue?

How To Use Facebook

Posting a status on Facebook doesn’t come naturally to all of us. There are just times where we can’t think of what to post. Creating a social media calendar is a good solution to this problem, but if you find yourself at a lost for words when the “what are you thinking” box comes up below are a few ideas:

  • Holidays: Most of us are familiar with the popular holidays like Valentine’s Day and Halloween, but every day is a small holiday. When posting for my restaurants I often search food holidays. If it’s National Chocolate Day or Cheese Day, I use that as a foundation for my post. There are also holidays like Best Friend Day or Hug a Tree Day that we all can relate too.
  • Questions: Sometimes you should let your followers do the talking. The most random question can gain huge comments. Don’t be afraid to just ask your followers “How was your weekend?” or “Comment one word to explain your mood.” I think you get the point! People love talking about themselves and a question will allow them to.
  • Motivation: Have you ever heard of shareable content? The most shareable content are those quotes and phrases we see all over the place. Everyone loves a good quote, and they are so easy to find. Just add some simple text along with it. You can encourage them to like or share if they agree.

These are just a few ideas to get your brain juices flowing! Comment below if you have any great tips you want to share.

Back to the Basics in Social Media

Facebook Marketing

Once upon a time, social media was a world of only people. Do you remember this time? There were not too many brands, only a handful of ads, and we were just people interacting with other people. I remember first joining Facebook as a college student, and I dove into the social media world. I was liking pictures, tagging my friends, and being completely active. I was so excited to reconnect with old friends and family.

Fast forward to today and business has complicated everything. There are millions of article on “how to” and “how to not” do social media, and everyone is a social media expert(I’m a social media manager btw:). Brands have crashed Facebook and turned a networking site for teenagers into a marketing site for businesses. I’m definitely not complaining, but why has the emergence of brands changed EVERYTHING?

When you think about it, we should just go back to the basics in social media. We all use to engage with family and friends, and as a business you should still be doing that. If you weren’t a business, and you were still the typical Facebook user how would you behave on Facebook(or Twitter)? A social media strategy is very important to being effective on Facebook, but being authentic and engaging is also important. Remember, that people are still on Facebook for its initial purpose, to talk to other people. Let’s go back to the basics in social media!