The Lazy Freelancer’s Guide to Getting a Contract Signed

lazy dog wearing rollers and eating muffins

I hope my use of “lazy” in the headline didn’t offend you. I promise there’s a good reason behind my word choice.

When I landed my first freelance client, I was so excited. We discussed all the details over the phone, and I promised her a written contract and NDA. After drafting the documents, I spent a huge amount of time printing, signing, scanning and emailing them to her. My process went a little like this…

1. Create documents with specific terms

2. Print completed documents

3. Sign printed documents

4. Scan/upload signed documents

5. Email signed(by me) documents to client for their signature

6. Wait for client to sign and return documents

After taking these steps with my first client, I knew there had to be an easier way. After researching a few options,  I decided to try Adobe EchoSign. I actually discovered it through another freelancer’s blog (can’t recall the name). I’ve included the link, so you can explore their website. I’ve used EchoSign on one client, and I’m in love. My process has been reduced to 3 clicks. EchoSign works for both small and large businesses, and they have a pricing structure based on your needs. I’m signed up for the free structure, but there is a limited amount of contracts I can upload a month. If you want to quickly get contracts to clients with no hassle, I strongly recommend it.

Being an entrepreneur has definitely been a learning process for me, and I’m always looking for apps and resources to make it easier!

What system do you use to get contracts signed?