The Reason Why You Can’t Write



I’m a Freelance Writer, but aren’t we all? While I would love to think my profession is exclusive and only open to some, it’s open to everyone. Even you! You have the ability to write, but the reason you can’t write is because you’re seeking perfection. There is nothing wrong with perfection, but this is a major barrier for people who want to start writing. It use to be a huge barrier for me.

Perfection happens after you start. Perfection happens after you practice. Perfection happens after you become willing to learn.

Businesses, building structures, and novels start as a draft. Before it’s a draft, it is an idea. There is so much pressure out there about the importance of content and content marketing causing us to forget what’s really important. If you want to write, my advice to you is to just start. Let go of the perfection concept long enough to get 300 words on the paper.

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