Beware of the Dog Puppies


Are you absolutely certain that you want to enter in to this blog post at the present time?

I spy dog puppies in the above statement. Do You?

It may be helpful if I actually explain the meaning of dog puppies. A dog puppy is a redundant phrase because it contains words that have similar meaning. My college professor would be happy to know that I paid attention to these lessons. And, I must say that my Public Relations and Journalism classes at University of Houston really paid off. Go Coogs!

Ok, back to the dog puppies. A lot of people are redundant to sound more educated or to feel up space, but it is not attractive. A few years ago, I became more aware of my writing style. I trained myself to be more concise, and to eliminate dog puppies from my work.

In order for you to avoid this writing crime, here is a list of common dog puppies.

Add an additional

close proximity

consensus of opinion

end result

enter in

final outcome

free gift

unexpected surprise

plan ahead

past history

forever and ever

revert back

7 am in the morning

Remember: Dog puppies belong in your back yard, not in your writing!

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