How to Get People to NOT Like You


Social Media Management

I remember when I first graduated college, and I would drag myself to networking events. I would spend time talking to a few people, and there were some instances where I wanted to run for the exit. There one was girl who bored me to death for three reasons:

  • She only talked about herself.
  • She assumed I really cared about her life story.
  • She obviously did not respect my time.

Based on this first impression it would be safe to say that I did not like her. Technology complicates things, but whether you’re online or offline the same rules apply. If she was a social media page I wouldn’t “follow” or “like”. If your social media page has these traits, most likely people won’t “follow” or “like” you.

Selfish: There’s this rumor going around that social media is all about a brand informing customers of who they are. NEWS FLASH: Social media is not just about the brand. If your fans don’t feel like they’re being involved in the conversation, they will leave.

Conceited: Say yes to confidence. Say no to conceited.  I cannot appreciate a page that is too prideful to accept constructive criticism or feedback from customers. While managing social media for a restaurant, I posted a picture of what I thought were delicious fried mozzarella sticks. People started commenting “what is that”, and I even had one lady who said that it was a horrible picture. A part of me wanted to scream “who asked you”, but I remembered how important it is to be open to feedback. Can you guess what I did? I immediately deleted the picture.

Boring: There are many people(including me) who are easily bored. How will you keep my attention on a social media page? Ask me questions! Let’s play trivia or fill in the blank! Blow my mind with great images! Please just do something other than talk about yourself.

What turns you off from social media pages?

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