The Social Media Manager Syndrome


Social Media Manager e-card

The Social Media Manager Syndrome is the sudden urge to become the manager of social media pages that are not your own. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and any other network.


A person with Social Media Manager Syndrome may have the following symptoms:

  • Increased use of the computer
  • The tendency to call themselves a “social media manager” to family, friends, and complete strangers
  • Shower the world with posts, tweets and pins
  • Add social media apps to their phones
  • Become emerged in webinars, ebooks and social media related resources
  • Join social media related groups on LinkedIn
  • Tweet in their sleep
  • Bore relatives and partner with social media related topics
  • Use of uncommon words like Hootsuite and EdgeRank

Sign and Tests

While there are no tests to confirm this syndrome, there are ways to figure out if your condition is serious. Questions to ask yourself include:

Am I passionate about being a Social Media Manager?

Do I have the experience and knowledge to support this syndrome?

Have I seen measurable results as an outcome of my symptoms?

Support Groups

The following organizations are actually enablers to the Social Media Syndrome and will heighten your expertise:

Amy Porterfield

Social Media Examiner



Warning: The Social Media Manger Syndrome is spreading rapidly. If you or anyone you know experience this, please be sure to learn from an expert.

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