Social Media in Superbowl

Social Media in the Superbowl

Did any of you catch Social Media in the Superbowl? It wasn’t as entertaining as Beyonce, but I did see some correlations between social media and football while watching the game.

I don’t know much about football, and this Sunday was the first time I sat down and watched a game in its entirety. We decided to go to my grandmas who is a big sports fan. My grandma mentioned that she was rooting for one team because she liked the players. Also, she stood behind them because it was a great team, and she trusted them to win. How are you when you watch a game? Most of us are glued to the TV, and we are interested in what our team will do next. The winning team either wins because they have a great strategy or the other team just wasn’t fit to be in the game.

As a business, do you have a good social media strategy? You must have a plan to play in the social media game. There must also be likeable players on your team. Nobody likes a business who is full of itself. I promise your fans will be rooting for you if you think about them whenever you post, tweet or pin. Don’t give the other team(or business) a chance to take the spotlight. Remember all of your fans are watching and you must catch their attention with each play!


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