10 Day Notice!


10 Day Notice


10 Day notice? You’re probably asking yourself “what the hell is she talking about.” Well, I turned in a 10 day notice at my job, so the social media and writing world now has my full attention. Don’t everyone hire me at once :). I want to share a little of my journey with you, and it may help you take the big step.

While I won’t disclose the company, I will say that I’ve been unhappy for quite some time. As the Communication/Office Coordinator my job consisted of social media, review management, clerical tasks, and so much more. It was my first job after college, and for several months I was just happy to have a nice paycheck. After about three months I started to notice a few things:

  1. I did not have freedom to use the creativity and writing style that I loved.
  2. There was an entrepreneur seed that began to grow inside of me.
  3. I realized I loved my job duties but I did not enjoy working for an asshole(excuse my language).

Like any other young woman, I began applying to hundreds of other positions. Although I had great experience, I really didn’t have much luck finding a job. I was applying for a job and researching more about starting my own business at the same time. But wait, “what makes you think you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.” is what the voice inside of my head was telling me. Anyways, fast forward past hundred of job applications, a bunch of start-up articles, and my savior Marie Forleo, and I’m at this point. I’m saying goodbye to stability and welcoming risk with open arms.

All it took was more faith than fear. I will be providing Freelance Writing and Social Media services!

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