Back to the Basics in Social Media

Facebook Marketing

Once upon a time, social media was a world of only people. Do you remember this time? There were not too many brands, only a handful of ads, and we were just people interacting with other people. I remember first joining Facebook as a college student, and I dove into the social media world. I was liking pictures, tagging my friends, and being completely active. I was so excited to reconnect with old friends and family.

Fast forward to today and business has complicated everything. There are millions of article on “how to” and “how to not” do social media, and everyone is a social media expert(I’m a social media manager btw:). Brands have crashed Facebook and turned a networking site for teenagers into a marketing site for businesses. I’m definitely not complaining, but why has the emergence of brands changed EVERYTHING?

When you think about it, we should just go back to the basics in social media. We all use to engage with family and friends, and as a business you should still be doing that. If you weren’t a business, and you were still the typical Facebook user how would you behave on Facebook(or Twitter)? A social media strategy is very important to being effective on Facebook, but being authentic and engaging is also important. Remember, that people are still on Facebook for its initial purpose, to talk to other people. Let’s go back to the basics in social media!

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